CS – Property Services, a professional real estate and property management company, can provide valuable assistance in Greek inheritance cases. In Greece, dealing with the inheritance of property can be a complex and time-consuming process, involving various legal, administrative, and logistical challenges. CS – Property Services can streamline and facilitate this process, ensuring a smoother and more efficient experience for those involved in the inheritance.

01 Expertise in Greek Property Laws:

CS – Property Services has a deep understanding of Greek property laws and regulations. This knowledge is essential in Greek inheritance cases, where legal requirements can vary depending on factors such as the type of property and its location. Their expertise ensures that all legal procedures are followed correctly, and that the inheritance process complies with local laws. CS – Property Services is also familiar with the legal framework of international successions.

02 Property Valuation and Appraisal:

Determining the value of inherited property is a crucial step in the inheritance process. CS – Property Services can assist with property valuation and appraisal services, helping beneficiaries understand the worth of the assets they are inheriting. This information is essential for tax purposes and for making informed decisions regarding the property’s future.

03 Inheritance Tax Guidance:

Inheritance tax in Greece is a complex matter, with different tax rates and exemptions based on various factors. CS – Property Services can provide guidance on inheritance tax obligations, helping beneficiaries navigate the tax implications associated with inheriting property. This ensures that beneficiaries are well-prepared for their financial responsibilities.

04 Legal Support and Documentation:

Dealing with legal paperwork and documentation is an integral part of the inheritance process. CS – Property Services can assist with the preparation and submission of all necessary documents, such as property titles, wills, and inheritance-related paperwork, ensuring that the process is carried out efficiently and in compliance with Greek laws as well as in compliance with EU law and recent Regulation 650/2012.

05 Sale or Rent of Inherited Property:

Beneficiaries may choose to sell or rent the inherited property. CS – Property Services can help with the marketing, sale, or rental of the property. They have the expertise to identify potential buyers or tenants, negotiate terms, and manage the entire transaction, making the process more straightforward for the beneficiaries.

06 Local Expertise and Connections:

CS – Property Services is well-connected in the Greek real estate market, making it easier for beneficiaries to navigate the complexities of property inheritance. They have a network of professionals, including lawyers, notaries, and real estate agents, to support and guide beneficiaries through the entire process

CS – Property Services is well-equipped to assist with Greek inheritance cases by offering a comprehensive range of services that address the legal, financial, and logistical challenges associated with inheriting property in Greece. Their expertise and local knowledge make them a valuable partner for individuals or families dealing with Greek property inheritance, ensuring a smoother and more efficient process while maximizing the value of inherited assets.